The Clitoris 101 | How To Find And Stimulate The Clitoris

by Jason Julius

The clitoris is an ultra sensitive part of a woman’s body who’s sole purpose is for sexual pleasure.  So it comes as no surprise that when we start talking about female orgasms it’s the first thing that comes to most peoples minds. 

In this video I give you a quick and dirty run down of everything about the clitoris and go over some basic clitoral stimulation techniques that you can put to use tonight to give your lover an amazing clitoral orgasm.

For more information on the clitoris, female orgasms and to watch a free video where I demonstrate a simple yet very powerful G Spot orgasm technique head over to Orgasm Arts.

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This is a reply to Robin Singh. Some and most women do feel pain due to prolonged usage of contraceptives. I had seen two women who complained of that pain but after somebody advised me to try stopping contraceptive usage, and they stopped: They never felt pain anymore. Good Luck.


Robin singh

hi jason please help me ..i want give a powerfull orgasm to my girlfiend. But the problem is that when i insert the finger or my dick into his vagina she feels pain…even her membrane was also breaked up she doesn’t have a single time of orgasm.,, i was tried many times but i m failed to give her any orgasm.please give me a solution to resolve my problem because we are going to marry with each other and i want we have a very pleauserable life …please help me..please reply me at my mail id please. thank you



Im 43 have a beautiful 33 yr old girlfriend that just cant get enough sex i have lost my sex drive. She is super hott so attraction is there just not like hers . What supplement or ? Will help


GH sim

Hi, hey what if i am premature ejaculation i haven’t had sex yet because i am young and preatty insecure, im legal by the way 18 pliz hope you can help me still i will soon buy your videos


Onick Oscar

Pls help!!! I don’t know how to download and watch any video using my phone. I desperately want to watch it cos am tried of reading. Pls help



The videos are in flash so your phone will need to support flash to be able to view the videos.



I want to download your books. This is interesting, I don’t know very much about sex and pleasure for myself neither my man. Help!


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