Guys, Experience Your Inner Authentic Confidence with this FREE Exercise...

This exclusive video and exercise will teach you how to convey and command the confidence that will have her melt into her feminine and desire you on the deepest level…

"A Clean, Respectful, Mature, Intelligent Conversation Around Intimacy, Confidence, and Embodying Your True Self… "

About Jason Julius.

Jason Julius is a sex and relationship coach with over 16 years of experience teaching couples all over the world how to have incredible experiences in the bedroom. Surprised with how little information there is in the mainstream world around sex, female orgasms, and sexual performance Jason sought out uncommon techniques and practices that would help the average man or woman elevate their intimate experiences. Jason is known for creating a clean, respectful, mature, intelligent conversation around intimacy. Jason wanted to create a place for people to discover a deeper level of understanding, especially when it comes to the mental aspects of female orgasms. Frustrated by the negative beliefs that are perpetuated by the adult film industry, Jason separates his teachings by creating content without nudity, done in a tasteful way that reaches people who are genuinely looking to please their partner and have more confidence in themselves when it comes to sex.

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Free Video Training - End premature ejaculation with this simple technique

How To Last Longer In Bed Using "Threshold Control"...

The technique used by virtually all men who can last 20, 30 or even 60 minutes during intercourse...  

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Threshold Control Jason Julius

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Can Massage Help Her Orgasm

Getting her body and mind into a state of relaxation is super important for giving her full body releases. Is massage the answer for giving her orgasms?

Your Emotions Block Her Orgasm Blog post

Are you blocking her orgasms without knowing it? Discover how YOUR emotional state can actually affect her orgasms.

Free Video Training - How To give her full Body shaking orgasms
G-Spot Technique Jason Julius

How To Give Her A G-Spot Orgasm So Powerful She Will Shake And Squirt With Ecstasy...

Be the best lover your woman has ever had and have her craving the way only you can touch her. 

Anyone can use this technique immediately
Tested by over 1 Million couples around the world
Key technique for achieving full body ejaculatory orgasms
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Free Quiz For Women

Ladies, Discover What's Blocking You From Orgasm!

Take our short quiz to discover which of the two hidden "levers" in the mind are inhibiting your orgasm...

Science Based Approach

Alpha Waves

Increasing your ability to achieve alpha waves in the brain increases orgasm potential.


Stillness in the mind is like a muscle. Building this muscle allows orgasms to happen with ease.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence levels have been linked to women's ability to let go and have an orgasm.

Featured Courses

Commanding Confidence Masterclass

Embody the authentic masculine she craves...

Commanding Confidence Masterclass

An enjoyable 7-week transformational journey to unlocking your authentic masculine confidence that will make you magnetic to your woman. It's the only program that liberates you from the unconscious patterns and conditioning of the unconscious mind giving you the freedom to embody your uninhibited true self. Whether you're giving a speech, approaching beautiful women, presenting a business pitch, or you want to stand grounded in your authentic masculine worth and watch your woman melt deep into her feminine... the Commanding Confidence Masterclass is the only program designed to tap you into the deep well of confidence you were born with and is your birthright.

Sweet Release Transformation Program

The ultimate course to help women release every time with ease...

Sweet Release Transformation Program (for Women)

The Sweet Release program is a 90-day online guided transformational journey with lectures and meditation practices that's gonna empower you to embrace your pleasure, own your desires, and experience mind-blowing orgasms with ease! Using the latest science-based approaches kick back and enjoy a blend of alpha waves, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence as you remove unconscious blockages and connect to the releases you deserve.

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