Learn To Be Your Best Self In and Out Of the Bedroom...

Commanding Confidence Masterclass

Embody the authentic masculine she craves...

Commanding Confidence Masterclass

An enjoyable 7-week transformational journey to unlocking your authentic masculine confidence that will make you magnetic to your woman. It's the only program that liberates you from the unconscious patterns and conditioning of the unconscious mind giving you the freedom to embody your uninhibited true self. Whether you're giving a speech, approaching beautiful women, presenting a business pitch, or you want to stand grounded in your authentic masculine worth and watch your woman melt deep into her feminine... the Commanding Confidence Masterclass is the only program designed to tap you into the deep well of confidence you were born with and is your birthright.

Sweet Release Transformation Program

The ultimate course to help women release every time with ease...

Sweet Release Transformation Program (for Women)

The Sweet Release program is a 90-day online guided transformational journey with lectures and meditation practices that's gonna empower you to embrace your pleasure, own your desires, and experience mind-blowing orgasms with ease! Using the latest science-based approaches kick back and enjoy a blend of alpha waves, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence as you remove unconscious blockages and connect to the releases you deserve.

Female Orgasm Blueprint Jason Julius

(Instant Online Access)

ALL my best technique for giving her fully body orgasms...

Female Orgasm Blueprint Video Course

If you are looking for a Step-By-Step guide to giving women REAL full-body squirting orgasms, then the Female Orgasm Blueprint is for you!

Discover techniques for giving her Clitoral Orgasms, G-Spot Orgasms, A-Spot Orgasms, and Squirting Orgasms.

Extreme Stamina Jason Julius

(Instant Online Access)

Last as long as you want during intercourse...

Extreme Stamina
Video Course

Guys, if you’re looking for the REAL TRUTH about lasting longer during sex then look no further. Extreme Stamina is a method I developed from over two years of modeling men who are successful at lasting at least 20 minutes during intercourse. In this course, I divulge all the things you MUST do in order to gain full control over your own orgasm.

Rock Hard Code Jason Julius

First Class Erection Triggering System...

Rock Hard Code
Video Course

Gentlemen let's face it, it's downright frustrating in moments when you're not able to get the rock-hard erection you want to. What if you could install a button in your body that would trigger a rock-hard erection with ease? That would be pretty awesome, right? Well, the closest thing I've found to that is installing a psychological association deep into your unconscious mind that when triggered creates an automatic rock-hard boner. That's just one of the erection-getting techniques I teach in Rock Hard Code.

Extreme Sex Drive

(Instant Online Access)

Natural Testosterone, Sex Drive, and Youthful Energy Boosting System...

Extreme Sex Drive
Video Course

For most guys after age 25 testosterone and sex drive start to decline. This brings with it a host of problems such as fatigue, low energy, low sex drive, poor erection quality, poor sexual performance, and so much more. It's been found that this decline is highly related to lifestyle choices. What if you could include some easy-to-find foods in your diet to fuel your drive, do a couple of simple exercises that take only 5 minutes twice per week, and optimize your hormone regeneration cycle to massively increase your youthful hormones? That is what Extreme Sex Drive is about.

Free Quiz For Women

Ladies, Discover What's Blocking You From Orgasm!

Take our short quiz to discover which of the two hidden "levers" in the mind are inhibiting your orgasm...

Science Based Approach

Alpha Waves

Increasing your ability to achieve alpha waves in the brain increases orgasm potential.


Stillness in the mind is like a muscle. Building this muscle allows orgasms to happen with ease.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence levels have been linked to women's ability to let go and have an orgasm.

Guys, Experience Your Inner Authentic Confidence with this FREE Exercise...

This exclusive video and exercise will teach you how to convey and command the confidence that will have her melt into her feminine and desire you on the deepest level…

Free Video Training - End premature ejaculation with this simple technique

How To Last Longer In Bed Using "Threshold Control"...

The technique used by virtually all men who can last 20, 30 or even 60 minutes during intercourse...  

Super easy to perform
You can start using it tonight
Already works for thousands of guys around the world
She's going to love you for this!
Threshold Control Jason Julius
Free Video Training - How To give her full Body shaking orgasms
G-Spot Technique Jason Julius

How To Give Her A G-Spot Orgasm So Powerful She Will Shake And Squirt With Ecstasy...

Be the best lover your woman has ever had and have her craving the way only you can touch her. 

Anyone can use this technique immediately
Tested by over 1 Million couples around the world
Key technique for achieving full body ejaculatory orgasms
Have her shaking so hard she might not be able to walk afterward


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