How to Quickly Find the G Spot

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Hey guys, Jason Julius here, and in this video, we’re gonna talk about how to find the G-spot. So the G-spot is a very sensitive part inside of a woman’s vagina that when stimulated correctly, you can lead her to one of the best orgasms she’s ever experienced. When you give a woman a vaginal orgasm from stimulating the inside of her vagina, you can absolutely blow her mind and that can really open up her sexuality to experience things like female ejaculation and things like that. But in order to do that, right, we need to understand where to touch her. And one of the most important parts, I would say, is the G-spot, the G-spot and the A-spot.

But starting first with the G-spot, that is a spot that was originally hypothesized about by Dr. Grafenberg, which, you know, when he called the G-spot, it kinda sounds a little bit like mystical or weird or whatever, but it’s actually just a really sensitive spot on the inside of a woman’s vagina. So how do you find it, right? The easiest way to find it is with your finger because we can directly touch and stimulate that area.

So if you have your woman laying on her back and you approach her with your finger facing up and you go, I don’t know, about a knuckle and a half to two knuckles in…I have about a medium-sized fingers, so I’m about two knuckles in, and you go to the front wall of her vagina, which means you press up, you’re gonna look for the wrinkled or ridged area compared to the smooth area around it. Now, she’s not very stimulated yet or she’s not very turned on, it may just feel flat and you might not even be able to know where’s the G-spot, but don’t get too hung up on that. You want to just start to go about that far in and you want to start to stimulate her. And in order to do that, you might just push up with her finger and do like a come here type motion like this on that front wall of her vagina. And you wanna do kind of a firm motion and kinda pull towards yourself. Again, she’s on her back and you’re pushing up and you’re pulling this direction.

And what I want you to do, more than getting caught up on, “Have I found her G-spot,” watch how she reacts, because rather than thinking, “Am I feeling the right area,” you should watch how she’s actually reacting to know, “Am I actually stimulating an area that she really, really, really enjoys?” Because for some women, they are very responsive to G-spot stimulation. For some, they’re not. A lotta women…or actually…I should actually say the majority of women are used to, you know, masturbation via clitoral stimulation, so they masturbate, that’s what they’re used to. So this internal vaginal stimulation can be very different, sometimes even overwhelming. And, you know, you’ll watch her body and how she maybe kinda squirms a little bit, see what she likes and that’s how you should gauge whether or not you’re not at the G-spot and whether or not she’s liking it. If she doesn’t like the G…I mean, not if she doesn’t like G-spot, but she’s not responding as much to the G-spot, keep playing around that area, keep just doing that, you know, pulling technique that I’m talking about and then try venturing a little bit further back which you’re gonna find her A-spot, which is a topic for another video. But that’s a great way to find the G-spot. I hope that helps a lot.

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