Orgasms From The G Spot | Can All Women Do It?

g spot orgasmMany women may feel as though achieving a G spot orgasm is something that their body just can’t do, but in most of these instances, it’s actually a matter of learning the proper stimulation and “awakening” the G spot to accept stimulation to orgasm. A G spot orgasm is cited often as one of the most intense orgasms a woman can achieve, and finding just what her G spot may prefer when it comes to reaching orgasm is the key to unlocking its mystery. With a bit of fun practice, these orgasms are something that most women can, in fact, achieve and enjoy, and having fun with this practice is one of the best parts of the journey.

In order to understand the G spot orgasm, one will first have to learn a little more about the G spot and where it’s located. About 1 to 3 inches inside of the vagina, along the front vaginal wall, there is a fleshy walnut-sized region that feels a little bit different when compared to the rest of the vagina. During intercourse or foreplay, you may feel this area expanding or becoming rougher in texture, and this is the G spot and its way of telling you it is ready to be stimulated. A woman’s G spot can be stimulated in a myriad of different ways, and each woman will have her distinct preferences when it comes to stimulating it in a way that gives her an orgasm.

If you want to know just how close you’re bringing her to orgasm, the single best thing you can do is read her involuntary body clues. As a woman grows closer to climax, her body will begin to react without her conscious doing, and looking for these small signals can give you great insight into what her body likes and just how close she is to the end goal. One thing you can look, or feel, for is the G spot itself growing larger or swelling, and this is a pretty telltale sign of her Skene’s glands preparing her body for an intense and satisfying orgasm experience.

G spot orgasms are achievable for all women who, along with their partners, take the proper time and consideration to give this erogenous zone some attention. Because all women are different, different stimulation may be required to the g spot to bring a woman to orgasm, and what one woman may love, another will find it doesn’t work much for them at all. A woman’s g spot may even require something of an “awakening” to bring her to orgasm, particularly if she has never experienced that type of stimulation before. In these instances, she may not achieve orgasm on the first try, or the first handful of tries, but she may feel that each attempt is getting closer the more her g spot is stimulated. If a g spot orgasm can’t be achieved on the first go, don’t give up, it may just take a little more practice and finesse!

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