My New Years Resolutions

This year will be the first in a long while that I’m making some New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve always been the type to try to improve myself a little every day, whether that be by reading to increase my knowledge or exercising to improve my health, etc., etc., and while I’ve done a decent job on reaching my goals, like mastering the art of female orgasms, I, like everyone, sometimes fail to see something through to the end.

As I get older, I find myself coming to the realization more and more that our time here is limited and there are no restarts on life (at least that we know of for certain) and I want to make sure I accomplish everything I can in the time I have.

It’s that “Live life with no regrets” kind of thing, ya dig?

And many studies have shown that with goal-setting, people who write down and share their goals with others are much more likely to accomplish their goals.

Specifically, with New Year’s resolutions, 46% of people who make common resolutions like weight loss, quit smoking, etc. were over 10 times more likely to have success as compared to only 4% who chose not to make resolutions…

So basically, I figured it couldn’t hurt, right? LOL

So here are my resolutions…

Learn German

I’ve always wanted to visit Germany and I just think it’ll be cool to be able to speak the language a little bit, or at least know it well enough to show people I’m making a valiant effort at it.

I’m using duolingo to learn it.  It’s available on iOS, Android, and Windows phone and they have many languages besides just German.

Meditate every day

Who knew this thing called life could be so stressful? Recently I’ve been reading up on the huge benefits of daily meditation.  There is basically no better way to relieve stress than to meditate.

Meditation can even be better than taking a nap as far as renewing your energy levels for the day.

If you’d like to give meditation a try, download the app “HeadSpace” for your phone.

It makes it really easy to get into.

I want to get at least 20 minutes of meditation twice daily.

Learn to play the guitar

I played a guitar in my late teens, but never really got that good. I’ve always loved music and it really helped shape the man I am today, and I’ve always wished I would have stuck with it, so I’m going to learn it now.  (Side note: Being from Nebraska, 311 was one of my favorite bands growing up.)

Travel through Europe

It might seem a little weird to make a vacation as a goal, but I want to have it here to remind me not to make excuses and make the plans and just do it.

So, what are your resolutions?

Maybe to get more fit…

Learn a new skill of some sort…

Or maybe just something as simple as being more present throughout your day….

Whatever your resolutions, write them down and share them with someone to make you accountable; you’ll be way more likely to accomplish them.

Happy New Year,
Jason Julius

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Pick up my Blueprint course and learn exactly how to blow her mind in the bedroom!

It’s a resolution that you won’t regret!



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