More Sleep Equals A Better Sex Life

sleeping womanScientists say that more sleep can make you extra “horny”, at least if you’re a woman.

A study conducted by a team at the University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory found women who get an extra hour of sleep reported feeling a lot more sexual desire and were more likely to want to have sex their partners. Plus each additional hour of sleep increased the chances sexual activity with their partner by 14%!

And it gets even better…

Women who slept longer on average also reported getting wetter compared to women who slept less.

Pretty cool…

It’s no secret that getting enough sleep is uber important for overall health for both genders, but it’s interesting how it appears to have a direct impact on your woman’s sexual desire and sexual response.

It actually makes sense, because there have been some studies that suggest sleep can have a significant effect on hormone levels and we already know that when hormone levels are out of whack, that can have a negative impact on a woman’s sex drive.

So if you’re wanting your woman to be in the mood for sex more often, it’d be worth letting her sleep in more and see how it affects things.

I mean, it can’t hurt, right?

Of course, you also want to make sure you’re doing your part too and keeping your libido in check so you can keep up with your woman.

The cool thing about that is it’s super easy for us guys.

In fact I’ve already figured it all out…

All that is required is making a few small adjustments to your daily routine and you can start seeing a boost in your sex drive in as little as 24 hours.

If you wanna know more, check out this video.


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