How To Tighten and Strengthen Your Vagina for More Powerful Orgasms (For Women)

by Jason Julius

Women who want to experience better and more intense orgasms can do a simple daily exercise while sitting at the computer, brushing their teeth or even while walking to work.  These exercises are called Kegel Exercises.

Kegel exercises for women is an easy way to intensify the sexual experience. These exercises involve clenching the pelvic floor muscles, which are responsible for both the flow of urine, but also distinctly involved in achieving orgasm. In fact, some women report that the most pleasurable orgasms are those that evolve into a wave of concurrent contractions of these muscles – a tidal wave of pleasure.

The stronger these muscles are, the more powerful the orgasm. Conversely, if these muscles are weak, many women coud find they have more difficulty reaching orgasm.

Many gynecologists recommend women routinely start kegel exercises as they get older or if they have given birth because often the pelvic floor muscles weaken. This can also lead to embarrassing and inconvenient urine leakage.

The most common way to learn where the muscles are is for women to practice starting and stopping the flow of urine. These muscles are also the same ones someone would clench to suppress the expulsion of gas.

Once you locate and isolate these particular muscles, you’re ready to begin your exercises.

Kegel exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. The exercise itself involves contracting – or clenching – the muscles and holding the contraction for five seconds before releasing and relaxing for five seconds. Repeat this procedure ten times. Do this three to four times a day.

The hardest part is isolating the pelvic floor muscles and then the next hardest part is simply remembering to do the exercises daily. One easy way to remember to do the kegel exercises is to tie them into another daily routine. For instance, you can do them each time you brush your teeth (if you brush your teeth at least three times a day). Most of us eat three meals a day so you can incorporate the exercises into your meals in some way, maybe doing them before, during, or after you eat.

For a very small number of women, however doing Kegel exercises are difficult. In those extreme cases, doctor’s can help you learn how to do kegel exercises. The doctor can help you learn how to isolate the right muscles in the pelvic floor.

One method doctors use to help is biofeedback sessions that involve the insertion of a probe or electrodes on the outside that will measure how well you clench your muscles and whether you flexed the right ones. Another option is to have the doctor apply a harmless electrical current to the pelvic floor muscles that make them contract and create the sensation of buzzing so you can recognize the contraction when you try it on your own.

However, these are for extreme cases, most women master the exercises on the very first try. After about two months, they can expect to see results in the form of more powerful and intense orgasms, which benefits both her and her lover.

Strengthening your vaginal muscles is not only beneficial for you, but also for your partner too.  A stronger vagina means that you’re going to feel “tighter” to him and thus he will also feel greater sensation and more powerful orgasm.

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hey jason, I love everything you teach and am currently working on getting the blueprint! My question is I’ve mentioned a few things you’ve said to my man and he seems offended, and even asked if what he was doing wasn’t good enough, believe me it is! But we’ve been together 24 yrs and its routine…it’s good but I’m trying to get him to try to make me squirt but I don’t want to offend him or weird him out. Thanks



Please help me out I need to know somethings..



Thank you for showing us the way.


reaiz sahadath

Hi jason i just want to tell you thanks so much i have read all of your email an i going to try to make my wife squirted you can keep sending more email about squiretd for me thanks.



This article is right on the money. I do kegels litteraly every day! As a mother of two… I was certain that I would never be “tight again” but i refused toresign myself yet. I do kegels about 3-4 times a day and have sex 1-2 times a day. Kegels have improved my health in serveral ways …. and I have noticed that when I flex my PC muscles it is hard not to also flex my core muscles … resulting in a flatter tummy (bonus)! .I also consciously flex my PC muscles during sex which he says makes me feel ridicolously tight, and when we have sex I soak the bed. Your videos have helped me understand my own body and mind during sex… and our sex has never been better or more exciting or fulfilling! Plus I feel we have closer more romantic
and loving relationship as well.


Michael G

Jason you have helped me greatly with my sex life. I am able to give women squirting orgasms like you won’t believe. Thanks too u they say I’m the best they’ve ever had. I’m greatly appreciate for all your info and great tips. Lookin forward to more help and advice to better myself.



Hello! I have been intrigued by your website since I found it. I am a woman that has deep sexual fantasy but am kind of shy when it comes to exploring, due to the fact that my husband is sort of scared to try new things. He makes me a little insecure. I have nicely and proudly introduced these tips to him. I’ve tried alot of them on myself but it’s just not working. First off when he eats my pussy and feels around I can’t seem to help him find my g-spot. Am I suppose to feel instant pleasure as I do my clit. I’ve been thinking geez. Shall I ask my gynoncologist to help me find what I am looking for. By the way Jason. You really can make a woman dream! I want a full body orgasm real bad…..


john jay

Thanks for sharing on this blog. I’ve found, as a man, that sometimes my fingers are just not long enough to reach and touch the GSpot. One thing you might want to consider is a dildo that has a big of a soft curve in it, or a specialized g-spot stimulator. Although – warning – if you or your lover use this, you lose the tactile feedback to make sure you don’t “over-do” the stimulation. I just wish my fingers were an extra inch or two in length. It’s one of nature’s little jokes that the spot is just out of reach. I’d be curious if this works for you if you can report back.



Interested in Jason’s comments about women and the dreaded “Friend Zone”.



I just want you to know that you’re an inspiration. You seriously took the time to go off and research the female body, which would take me a year to get the motivation to do.
I REALLY wanted to let you know that they have an iPhone app called Brainwaves, and it looks like an orange backround, with a black circle, and aqua lines inside of it.
They have an audio track for making a woman squirt.
Get this app.
P. S. I’m a girl, and I think it’s AMAZING that you know more about my bady than I do!!!



There is one more thing a woman can do to help isolate which muscles she needs to strengthen.
After I had my 3rd child via natural birth, I thought having weak pelvic muscles and a bladder control issue was just a given for the rest of my life but I went to see a phsyio that specialized in this area and she helped me to isolate the correct muscles by inserting two fingers in my vagina and practicing which muscles I needed to bare down on. Turns out we have 10 groups of muscles in our pelvic floor and like working out in the gym, you can tone these muscles right back into super shape!!!



Thank u so much Jason



Hi, Jason

I’m a female. And i will have multiple orgasims I have gushed 25 times just during one sexual intercourse with my boyfriend. But after that i haven’t gushed for two weeks now. My boyfriend is wanting me to squirt hopefully tomorrow i will. He thinks its him and he doesn’t get as hard anymore. Not sure what happened I was on an antibodic for uti. I told him i’m probably dehydrated. So i followed your advice and bought coconut water and tea. Do you have any answers why I gush for 2 months and then quit? I have no control over gushing my boyfriend thinks i do. I know when I’m cumming . Any thoughts? thank you cody


S. Hutchence

As a musician, I always found it fun to clench my Kegels in time to music. It can be even more fun playing “Name that Tune” with your lover… Assuming he’s confident and not one of those idiots who flips out if you’re having fun with sex. You can do this with your own fingers at first. As Jason says, it’s just as important to have the ‘rest’ time. Clench for 10 and relax for 10. Pick a favorite song (classical numbers are great for this), and do those. It’s also something you can do on the bus during your commute. In addition, once you can isolate your Kegels, you can squeeze your bum muscles and work those as well (very helpful as you close in on 30!). For a man, I’d suggest having your woman play the “Name that Tune” game to start out with. I tend to be wet, but even if she’s not naturally, suck her until she is and then play. Just don’t start out by asking her to do “Flight of the Bumble Bee!” Are you ready to do “dick ups” with two Ritz Carlton robes? Yeah? Be reasonable, and it can be a LOT of fun! Personally, I think the way to great sex is through being able to have FUN! Let her pick her own tunes and try to figure them out. I also think you should be able to handle a bath towel, but that’s my opinion:)


Dean Hambleton

Jason, thank you so much for your information. I love to eat pussy. Could you give me blog posts on how to properly lick, suck, and in general how to drive a woman crazy with your mouth and tongue



I need to know this one please help me out lol…


Amanda Rowe

From the point of a woman, my view is you should be ashamed of yourself if you don’t. There is nothing selfish about the desire to have remarkable sex. Like many areas of existence, communication is key to obtaining
that. DELIVERY… It is all about how you present it!
The other view is about being honest w/ yourself! You do
care how it feels, or your comment would not be here… & that’s ok :)



I really think my girlfriend needs to do these excercises. I am of normal size maybe even a little thicker than most, yet she feels loose most of the time. She has clitoral orgasms and says she really appears to be orgasming during sex, but I cant feel much in the way of contractions. She squirted once but I didn’t know it other than the small stream of liquid.
I have been with other women who have literally swelled, gushed, and shook just like you say.
Problem is, I don’t know how to tell her this without hurting her feelings. It makes me feel like I am telling her she has a problem. I dont care about how I feel so much but I do wish she were tighter and I want her to enjoy sex more too. Should I tell her, or am I being selfish?.


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