Female G Spot Stimulation Techniques | Tutorial Video

by Jason Julius

Stimulating a woman’s G Spot is one way you can give her a vaginal orgasm.  A vaginal orgasm comes from direct stimulation to the INSIDE of a woman’s vagina.  Many women have never experienced a vaginal orgasm. It’s a much more powerful full body orgasm compared to clitoral orgasms.  Check out the video below about the female G Spot:

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Hi, we have been reading your blog and listening to your videos. Last night I think we were closer to a squirting orgasm than ever before and then we were interupted by kids. At that point there was no way we could continue. About a minute or two after our atttempt had ended. I felt a pulsing sensation from the area of my gspot. Almost in the same rhythm that a nan would ejaculate. Were we close?



names corey, i wish i new u personally. like a bestfriend/brother. u seem koo as hell man and i really am into ur lessons. i hate i cnt buy ur books/vids since i dnt hav any type of credit card. jus turned 18. but i really plan on memorizing what you say in ur vids 2 try on my girl. you are a good man jay. thank u very much. jus hit me up on my email or on my facebook.


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