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The differences between porn sex and real sex (explained with food)

Ever wondered what the differences are between porn and real life? (explained with

Well, wonder no more.

This video was made just for fun, and you should never compare your love life to a porn video, but it does quote some interesting stats…

Like the fact that most men in real life blow their load within 3 minutes of penetration (not good).

Fortunately, if you find yourself in this group of men, there is something you can do
about it.

Some of the more startling stats are that 71% of women don’t orgasm from penetration alone (also not good).

And only 6% of women “naturally” squirt…

It’s sad. Those numbers relating to female orgasms could be way higher if we as a
society were more educated about our own sexuality.

The truth is all sexually healthy women are fully capable of amazing orgasms (with
squirting) before and during penetration.

Brad Howard Interviews Jason Julius

Audio Jason Julius InterviewBrad Howard, creator of the Adonis Effect, recently interviewed me for his podcast. There’s some good nuggets in this so I thought I’d share it here on the blog.

Click Play To Start:

To download the audio interview right click here, and save the file to your computer.

Brad is a fitness expert and has some interesting things going on over on his site. If you want to learn how to get a perfect “Adonis” figure, or just want some kick ass fitness info, you should check out his site.

Talk Soon,

Conceptual Blending and the Art of Orgasm Design

Conceptual BlendingThis post is about Conceptual Blending and how to use it in “designing” a better Orgasmic Experience for you and your partner.

Conceptual Blending is the process of overlapping two seemingly unrelated thoughts or concepts into a new idea or insight. Bringing together two or more ideas that have never been put together to improve upon something, or invent something completely new, is at the heart of the creative process. What does it have to do with enhancing your potential for giving your partner Orgasms? Uncovering this process gives you a powerful way to continue to ALWAYS improve upon how you give your lover pleasure.

Conceptual Blending is behind virtually every great invention we use and take for granted today. Dick Drew sold sandpaper, but saw an undiscovered need for paper with adhesive, and Masking Tape was born. George de Mestral came up with Velcro after noticing burrs clinging to the fur of his dog. Larry Page and Sergey Brin developed Google’s search algorithm by applying the ranking method used for academic articles to the world wide web. In each of these examples, the new concept was simply a mixture of old ideas.

Of course the mind needs to make some conscious effort to find the importance for relating such ideas. Unfortunately since sex is such a taboo subject, rarely do new ideas get blended with or applied to our primal act of mating. This leaves our sex lives out of touch with new discoveries. There are many concepts that we could apply to giving our partner orgasms, but most of us never make those associations. Sex is often thought to be naughty, dirty, and impolite to talk about… so it’s scarce that ANY new associations are made with it.

This leaves sex “off limits”, or in the dark, in the minds of even the brightest individuals. Mixing new ideas with sex becomes irrelevant or unimportant to the mind. The same tendency that keeps us from contemplating irrelevant concepts also keeps us from coming up with insights. This blocks the endless creative flow of possibilities for improving our sex lives. Breakthroughs come when we apply old solutions to new situations, but if your mind doesn’t see the importance of relating such solutions to your sex life, then the new associations will never be uncovered.

I’m not implying that you should relate everything in your life to sex (although that might be fun). However, I’m telling you that if you leave your mind open to sexual associations, you will make discoveries and find new techniques that would have otherwise been overlooked. It could be as simple as taking note that your woman loves chocolate, and remembering that you want her to be more enthusiastic about giving you a blowjob. What if you put chocolate syrup on your penis, and had her suck it off? Could this make her more excited about blowjobs? Just like that a new association is created, and something new is introduced in the bedroom!

Allowing your mind to lucidly open up to making these associations creates a world of opportunity. It could be as simple as chocolate blowjobs, or as abstract as applying Psychological techniques for inducing a trance like state during A Spot stimulation. It’s the very premise of keeping the mind open to making these associates that will benefit your creativity for keeping things fun in the bedroom.

This leads to a world of new ideas for sexual techniques. This is how you discover ideas such as using Threshold Consciousness to make her squirt. It’s how you find new ways to get her excited about sex, such as using text messaging to turn her on. And it’s this premise that I’ve used to model and figure out techniques for things like lasting longer during sex.

You might even say that this very blog post is a cocktail of the concept of “Conceptual Blending” blended with the principle of how to be creative in the bedroom, combined to give a deeper understanding of the very process we use to create an outcome. It starts with planting the seed of keeping your mind open to creating these new associations, and hopefully it ends with her body shaking uncontrollably in ecstasy.

Talk Soon,
Jason Julius

Importance Of Growing Your Romantic Relationship

Think about this question as you watch the video above: “Where’s my sex life going?”

This is a question I don’t think we ask ourselves enough. In order to get what we want in life we need to have a clear picture of our desired outcome, yet so many of us assume that with almost no effort at all, our sex life will just take care of itself.

What if we put the same amount of focus toward growth in our sexual relationship as we do in other areas of our life such as heath or wealth (which is where people typically concentrate the majority of their time and focus)?

When you start to look at it this way I think you can begin to see that sex is something that can evolve and continue to get better and better.

The selfish majority of men don’t even take the time to understand how a woman’s body and mind come together to give her full body squirting vaginal orgasms. It’s the man who STEPS UP and takes the time to give his woman unbelievably pleasurable sexual experiences who is rewarded not just from seeing his partner experience bliss, but also from reciprocated pleasure from his humbly gratified woman as well.

Getting your woman to experience a squirting orgasm is just the beginning, not the final destination. There is so much more that opens up to you once you master this level.

I hope the video above plants the seed for you to always remember that your sexual relationship should be growing. Like everything in life, if it’s not growing, it is dying, and from my vantage point I unfortunately see too many great guys losing that spark with someone they love just because they didn’t make the effort to evolve.

It’s my mission here to help you discover the distinctions that make a life altering difference in your sex life. Make the commitment to yourself to always continue to grow your sexual relationship.

Talk Soon,
Jason Julius