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Female Orgasm Blueprint If you are looking for a Step-By-Step guide to giving women REAL full body squirting orgasms, then the Female Orgasm Blueprint is for you!

Discover techniques for giving her Clitoral Orgasms, G-Spot Orgasms, A-Spot Orgasms, and Squirting Orgasms.

You will also learn how to guide a woman’s mind to orgasm. Guiding a woman’s mind is extremely important because half of getting her there is mental over physical, and most people miss this concept completely.

Enjoy instant online access to the entire package, and get started giving her mind blowing orgasms tonight!

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Extreme Stamina Guys, if you’re looking for the REAL TRUTH about lasting longer during sex then look no further. Extreme Stamina is a method I developed from over two years of modeling men who are successful at lasting at least 20 minutes during intercourse. In this course I divulge all the things you MUST do in order to gain full control over your own orgasm.

You’ll also discover how to have more powerful Male Orgasms that shoots harder and farther, equaling a much more pleasurable sensation for you!

Women take longer to orgasm than men, so it’s important to be able to last as long as needed in order to give her an orgasm during intercourse. In Extreme Stamina you’ll learn how to use the “Ejaculation Control Triad” system to do just that. My Ejaculation Control Triad system is ONLY found in Extreme Stamina.

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Hi, Jason. Where to begin with… I was a little bit sceptical about the Extreame Stamina course, but I thought – why not try it? I can spend 50 bucks. And indeed, it should cost hundreds. I’m simply speachless and shocked. I literally can’t believe that ALL THOSE YEARS I was literally two hours away of improving my stamina drammatically. And I believe it gets better.
I’v watched first 4 modules (no time for 5th) and found them really interesting. I found a lot of things about mechanisms of ejaculation that I NEVER heard before, and believe me that not once I’v searched the net for tips on improvement. Man, I even stumbled on your offer before, but didn’t buy it. One of the stupidest thing I did as it turned out.
The very FIRST evening I could last a few times longer. And it turned out that all I have to do is conciously notice my breathing and muscle tension. Two damn things that were as easy as moving an arm. And it wasn’t a coincidence, because today I had to stop masturbating because my hand got tired, lol.
Just wanted to say THANK YOU, you’v made my day for sure. And not only day!



Hi Jason,I have all your products and have recommeded them to friends from Britian to Austrailia,your a great teacher and the concepts and techniques you teach are expertly explained but I have one question,I don’t see your Female Insider program offered up anywhere,to me that is the most essential program you have to completely maximise your blueprint program,it may be too much for some guys to grasp right away but if they just take a little at a time and master the female sex psyche in conjunction with the female sexual anatomy,he might get to a level that he could pat her clit and make her cumm….what happened to the ”Female Insider”?


Chuck Bigga

I ordered oyour course a while ago and I am pretty satisfied with it. I am curious about your advanced course and would like to find out the particulars on it. Really, I don’t like to waste time. I am 78 and my girlfriend is 72. We are both enjoying sex very much now, but we want to keep on exploring and finding different ways to have our thrills. An answer would be appreciated so that I will know you aren’t just crowing your achievements and can teach me more. Before I depart to the great love scene in the sky. Thank you(I hope)…Chuck


Jason Julius

Hey Chuck I’m glad to hear you enjoyed The Blueprint. You can get all the info on my advanced course The Female Orgasm Insider at



Jason, I love your site, your words, your wisdom. My sex life is AMAZING !!!! thank you thank you thank you You have taught my man and me so much and it ROCKS !!!!! Sex is important but men dont get taught what to do and women dont know how to tell them ! and thus one of the most beautiful and fulfilling things in life and relationships get missed and people unfulfilled …
Thank you Keep on teachin’ !



Jason I now have the woman of my dreams and she raves about my ability in bed. Thanks for your help.


Jason Julius



Carol HIll

Hi, Jason-

I went out last Friday night with two great gals. They couldn’t stop talking about you. Could I sign up for your daily emails? I want to hear your advice too. Thanks, Carol


Jason Julius

You can sign up at


Harrison Dew-Hiersoux

Hey Jason, I can tell you like teaching, you are a natural. You have the ability to smoothly convey all the information, or as you like to call it: “potential power” in a way that sticks and is inspiring. I enjoyed learning from you, you are genuine. Theres a lot of people out there like Marcus London that charge over $140 just to teach “how to make a girl squirt”. You have reasonable prices and you put him and I’m sure many others to shame with your rock solid programs. I hope to one day come close to following in your footsteps.


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