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Why Sex Positions Are Not The Answer to Great Sex


Jason Julius here. And I get asked about sex positions a lot. Sex positions are not the key to giving her orgasms. Yet, the reason that positions typically come to mind is because in mainstream culture, where sex is taboo and not talked about as openly as it should be, the few resources that can be found or books that tout something like 101 sex positions for better sex. However, tangling up your bodies and having completely random friction is not the key to giving her orgasms. Remember, in its simplest form, the keys to giving her an orgasm are shifting her mental state to a state of calm and presence called orgasmic state plus stimulating her sensitive spots such as her clitoris, her G-spot, or her A-spot.

The orgasmic state in this equation is far more important. But let’s say you’ve already got her to an orgasmic mental state, you might be thinking, “What’s the best position for stimulating those spots?” My answer to that is all of them because, in reality, there are only three sex positions, total. Now, the first one is missionary, that’d be man on top of woman, front to front. The second position is doggie style which is man behind woman, front to back. And the third position is woman on top which is woman on top of a man, front to front. Every other position is just a combination of these three.

Now, think reverse cowgirl. And we can see that this is simply a mix of doggy style and woman on top. Think about entering her from behind while you are both lying on your sides. Yeah, that’s still doggy style. No matter how ridiculously you tangle up your bodies, you’re essentially in a combo of the three basic positions. This understanding makes it a lot simpler to see that positions are not the answer to giving her more pleasure or orgasms during sex. The key distinction should be where you aim the head of your penis in any of these positions.

In reality, all of the positions are perfect for giving her orgasms. Yet, just slightly changing the angle of how you enter her makes a huge difference in hitting the right spots. For example, missionary is a great position for being close with your partner and looking into her eyes. Yet, if you just put a pillow or a wedge under her butt, this will tilt her pelvis so that when you enter her your penis will be perfectly angled to hit the front wall of her vagina making it much more likely for her to orgasm. Another example is doggy style position. If you aim the head of your penis down instead of straight forward, you are much more likely to stimulate her G-spot or A-spot from this angle.

Also, some ways of positioning yourself are better than others for stimulating her clitoris during intercourse. But go easy on the sensitive area, guys. It’s great for giving her one orgasm, but it’s too sensitive to go beyond that. I usually go for vaginal orgasms when I’m inside of her. Vaginal orgasms are a full body experience since how you give her a squirting orgasm during sex.

Now, another key distinction that’s much more important than sex positions is her mental state, as I mentioned before. Think about this guys, if you can give her an orgasm before sex begins, she’ll already be in an orgasmic state and be 10 times more likely to orgasm during sex in any position. Now, don’t get me wrong, changing up sex positions and where you have sex is great for breaking up a routine in your relationship, in keeping things exciting. However, simply focusing on position as a method to make her orgasm is missing the point completely.

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