Female Ejaculation | What to Expect

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All sexually healthy women are capable of full-body squirting orgasms, and they’re probably the best way to blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom. So, what should you expect when you first set out to give a woman a squirting orgasm? Hey, guys. Jason Julius here, and in this video let’s talk about what to expect when you first set out to give your woman a squirting orgasm. So, I’ll oftentimes get questions and comments from guys who have just learned maybe some new techniques, and they want to go apply this, or they have applied it, and sometimes their expectations as to what to expect with their loved one is a little bit off. So I want to talk to you about how you should approach this when you are first starting out giving any woman a full-body squirting orgasm.

Now, first of all, you know, you’re going to want to focus on, first and foremost, being very close with your partner, just having a great connection and not having super crazy expectations. And I promise you that will make it a lot easier for it to just happen. You certainly don’t want her to have any expectation that she has to squirt, otherwise she’s not going to be able to get it out of her head. And as you probably or hopefully already know, the mental side of things is the bigger part of getting her to orgasm in the first place. So if you tell her, “Hey, I’m gonna give you a squirting orgasm,” she’ll have all kinds of expectations for herself that is gonna not allow her to actually let go and actually have the orgasm. So that is going to work against you.

Now, when you set out, and you are actually going down there to maybe, say, use a G-spot or A-spot technique, and you go inside of her, your expectation at that point should be to just give her a vaginal orgasm, see what her body responds to. Is she very vaginally orgasmic? Or has she never had a vaginal orgasm before? These are things that you need to understand about her body first. And so you might spot with her G-spot, see if she responds to that. Go with her A-spot. Whichever one that she responds to the most as you, you know, continue to stimulate that area, again, your goal is to just give her a vaginal orgasm. And you’ll begin to feel the front wall of her vagina start to swell up. That’s the urethral sponge, the female prostate, and as it begins to swell, that’s the ejaculate fluid. And you’ll know that she’s getting close to having a vaginal orgasm.

Now, at the time that she has the vaginal orgasm, she needs to push out. And so oftentimes, women, which is understandable, will oftentimes clamp their PC muscle and not let the ejaculate come out which will kinda rob her of, you know, most of the orgasm. She won’t be able to have that release. She’ll hold back. It’ll still be a vaginal orgasm, but she won’t get that full release that comes with it, so you’re kind of up against, you know, her expectation of her own body. She doesn’t want to pee on the bed. She doesn’t understand oftentimes if she’s never ejaculated before that it’s okay to push it out.

And so what I’ll often do is I won’t have a conversation about squirting orgasms, but as I feel her getting close to having that ejaculation and having that vaginal orgasm, I’ll just say, “Push out.” Because she’s already so outside of her mind, she’s so into letting you take charge, take control, oftentimes, just the command, “Push out,” when you know she’s having a vaginal orgasm will get her to push out. And she’ll surprise herself and have the squirting orgasm. But if she’s never done that before, she may be resistant to that, so be okay with that. Because you’re at this point learning what her body loves, giving her a vaginal orgasm, which will already blow her mind, and then you can then introduce her to that idea that she can squirt once, you know, you have the conversation afterwards. And say, “Hey, you know, did you know that you were close to, you know, having a squirting orgasm, and if you just would’ve pushed out…” She’ll be like, “Really?” You know, and depending on her level of comfort with that, you know, then you might be able to help her with the idea of pushing out.

And so, what do you expect then when she does ejaculate? This is another question that comes up, because what you oftentimes she in pornography is not a great depiction of what a squirting orgasm looks like. Most of the time it’s not real. I’m not saying that there isn’t some real ejaculations, but a lot of times it’s just staged. One way that you can tell whether or not it is a real squirting orgasm is you can determine is it coming out of her urethra, which is her pee hole. That’s where female ejaculate comes from. That’s when she truly has an, you know, ejaculatory orgasm, and some porn-stars can. But oftentimes it’s more about creating a scene for men to masturbate to, so they will stage the ejaculation. So, all of the sudden fluid comes gushing out of the vagina, and that’s not what a squirting orgasm looks like. A powerful squirting orgasm could soak the wall behind me, but a typical squirting orgasm, at least starting out when you first give her one may just be a little dribble that comes out. And it may be because she almost kinda wasn’t even ready for it type of situation, or it might squirt out a little bit. This is something to build upon. This is something to expect when you’re starting out. Yes, eventually she may soak the bed, you know, or wherever you’re having sex at. She may be able to ejaculate a lot. She may be able to ejaculate often, but starting out, your expectation should be to give her that vaginal orgasm. See if she’s gonna let it out or not feel comfortable letting it out, and then build upon that.

I had a gentleman email me and say, you know, “I gave my girlfriend a vaginal orgasm. It was her first vaginal orgasm. She said she loved it, but just a little bit came out,” and he seemed almost disappointed by that. And I bring this up because this is sometimes what men will wonder, “Did I do it? Did I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish?” And I think that’s because us men are so goal-orientated that we overlook the whole concept is to become very close with her and, you know, direct her mind and body to the best level of pleasure that she could ever, ever hope for. Or many times women don’t even know they can have that orgasm, so you can absolutely blow her mind. But don’t ever discount the fact that you even got her close to a vaginal orgasm, and then if you gave her a vaginal orgasm, that’s even better. And if she squirted a little bit, and a little bit came out, that’s a great start. And then you build upon that because you’re going to know what her body responds to. You’re gonna help her understand that she can let go, and then you can even help her understand that as she strengthens her PC muscles, she’ll be able to even shoot harder and farther and have even stronger orgasms.

But, you know, you gotta take it one step at a time and not expect a woman to go from never having a squirting orgasm to just, you know, soaking the bed. I’ve seen it happen many times. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but that’s awesome when that happens. But it’s just as equally awesome when she has a great vaginal orgasm, and a little bit comes out. And if every time she has a squirting orgasm, it’s, you know, super-pleasurable, but only a little bit comes out, that is still a squirting orgasm. And that is still an incredible, incredible experience to give your partner. So, I hope that clarifies things up as far as what to expect when you’re first starting out giving any woman a squirting orgasm. Hey guys. Real quick before you go, if you like the content in this video, go ahead and hit the “Like” button below, and make sure and leave a comment and let me know what you think and ask any questions that you might have. And also, don’t forget to hit the “Subscribe” button, because I have some really cool content planned. I’m going to be coming out with videos weekly, and I don’t want you to miss a thing. So, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one.

My New Years Resolutions

This year will be the first in a long while that I’m making some New Year’s resolutions.

I’ve always been the type to try to improve myself a little every day, whether that be by reading to increase my knowledge or exercising to improve my health, etc., etc., and while I’ve done a decent job on reaching my goals, like mastering the art of female orgasms, I, like everyone, sometimes fail to see something through to the end.

As I get older, I find myself coming to the realization more and more that our time here is limited and there are no restarts on life (at least that we know of for certain) and I want to make sure I accomplish everything I can in the time I have.

It’s that “Live life with no regrets” kind of thing, ya dig?

And many studies have shown that with goal-setting, people who write down and share their goals with others are much more likely to accomplish their goals.

Specifically, with New Year’s resolutions, 46% of people who make common resolutions like weight loss, quit smoking, etc. were over 10 times more likely to have success as compared to only 4% who chose not to make resolutions…

So basically, I figured it couldn’t hurt, right? LOL

So here are my resolutions…

Learn German

I’ve always wanted to visit Germany and I just think it’ll be cool to be able to speak the language a little bit, or at least know it well enough to show people I’m making a valiant effort at it.

I’m using duolingo to learn it.  It’s available on iOS, Android, and Windows phone and they have many languages besides just German.

Meditate every day

Who knew this thing called life could be so stressful? Recently I’ve been reading up on the huge benefits of daily meditation.  There is basically no better way to relieve stress than to meditate.

Meditation can even be better than taking a nap as far as renewing your energy levels for the day.

If you’d like to give meditation a try, download the app “HeadSpace” for your phone.

It makes it really easy to get into.

I want to get at least 20 minutes of meditation twice daily.

Learn to play the guitar

I played a guitar in my late teens, but never really got that good. I’ve always loved music and it really helped shape the man I am today, and I’ve always wished I would have stuck with it, so I’m going to learn it now.  (Side note: Being from Nebraska, 311 was one of my favorite bands growing up.)

Travel through Europe

It might seem a little weird to make a vacation as a goal, but I want to have it here to remind me not to make excuses and make the plans and just do it.

So, what are your resolutions?

Maybe to get more fit…

Learn a new skill of some sort…

Or maybe just something as simple as being more present throughout your day….

Whatever your resolutions, write them down and share them with someone to make you accountable; you’ll be way more likely to accomplish them.

Happy New Year,
Jason Julius

P.S. If you’re wanting to have a closer, more intimate relationship with that special woman in your life, I’ve got you covered.

Pick up my Blueprint course and learn exactly how to blow her mind in the bedroom!

It’s a resolution that you won’t regret!



More Sleep Equals A Better Sex Life

sleeping womanScientists say that more sleep can make you extra “horny”, at least if you’re a woman.

A study conducted by a team at the University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory found women who get an extra hour of sleep reported feeling a lot more sexual desire and were more likely to want to have sex their partners. Plus each additional hour of sleep increased the chances sexual activity with their partner by 14%!

And it gets even better…

Women who slept longer on average also reported getting wetter compared to women who slept less.

Pretty cool…

It’s no secret that getting enough sleep is uber important for overall health for both genders, but it’s interesting how it appears to have a direct impact on your woman’s sexual desire and sexual response.

It actually makes sense, because there have been some studies that suggest sleep can have a significant effect on hormone levels and we already know that when hormone levels are out of whack, that can have a negative impact on a woman’s sex drive.

So if you’re wanting your woman to be in the mood for sex more often, it’d be worth letting her sleep in more and see how it affects things.

I mean, it can’t hurt, right?

Of course, you also want to make sure you’re doing your part too and keeping your libido in check so you can keep up with your woman.

The cool thing about that is it’s super easy for us guys.

In fact I’ve already figured it all out…

All that is required is making a few small adjustments to your daily routine and you can start seeing a boost in your sex drive in as little as 24 hours.

If you wanna know more, check out this video.


Orgasms From The G Spot | Can All Women Do It?

g spot orgasmMany women may feel as though achieving a G spot orgasm is something that their body just can’t do, but in most of these instances, it’s actually a matter of learning the proper stimulation and “awakening” the G spot to accept stimulation to orgasm. A G spot orgasm is cited often as one of the most intense orgasms a woman can achieve, and finding just what her G spot may prefer when it comes to reaching orgasm is the key to unlocking its mystery. With a bit of fun practice, these orgasms are something that most women can, in fact, achieve and enjoy, and having fun with this practice is one of the best parts of the journey.

In order to understand the G spot orgasm, one will first have to learn a little more about the G spot and where it’s located. About 1 to 3 inches inside of the vagina, along the front vaginal wall, there is a fleshy walnut-sized region that feels a little bit different when compared to the rest of the vagina. During intercourse or foreplay, you may feel this area expanding or becoming rougher in texture, and this is the G spot and its way of telling you it is ready to be stimulated. A woman’s G spot can be stimulated in a myriad of different ways, and each woman will have her distinct preferences when it comes to stimulating it in a way that gives her an orgasm.

If you want to know just how close you’re bringing her to orgasm, the single best thing you can do is read her involuntary body clues. As a woman grows closer to climax, her body will begin to react without her conscious doing, and looking for these small signals can give you great insight into what her body likes and just how close she is to the end goal. One thing you can look, or feel, for is the G spot itself growing larger or swelling, and this is a pretty telltale sign of her Skene’s glands preparing her body for an intense and satisfying orgasm experience.

G spot orgasms are achievable for all women who, along with their partners, take the proper time and consideration to give this erogenous zone some attention. Because all women are different, different stimulation may be required to the g spot to bring a woman to orgasm, and what one woman may love, another will find it doesn’t work much for them at all. A woman’s g spot may even require something of an “awakening” to bring her to orgasm, particularly if she has never experienced that type of stimulation before. In these instances, she may not achieve orgasm on the first try, or the first handful of tries, but she may feel that each attempt is getting closer the more her g spot is stimulated. If a g spot orgasm can’t be achieved on the first go, don’t give up, it may just take a little more practice and finesse!

make a woman squirt video

Penis Thrusting Tips to Give Your Woman an Unforgettable Experience

YBelieve it or not there is an art to penetrating your woman and the way you thrust in and out of her pussy. It’s not all just about jackhammering away like you seen in porn. Sure, she may like it hard and fast at some points during sex, but chances are she’s going to enjoy it more if you vary your thrusts a bit.

The first thing to understand is that women love the first thrust. Every single woman I’ve ever been with will let out a big moan when she feels you enter her fully for the first time. Knowing this I always like to tease a bit and build up some anticipation before sliding in fully the first time. This usually involves rubbing your penis head on the inside and out of her pussy lips and rubbing the tip of your penis on her clitoris. Another thing I like to do is slide my penis up and down the outside of her vagina, but not penetrate her. Think of a hotdog sliding in and out of a bun. And you can always just rest the tip of your penis at the opening of her vagina while you kiss, etc. (This will drive her wild.)

There are two basic types of thrusting. The shallow thrust and the deep thrust. Shallow thrusting allows you to stimulate the opening of her vagina up to about an inch deep, which for many women is a very sensitive part of the vagina. Also, the opening of her vagina is often the tightest part, so shallow thrusts allow you to concentrate a great deal of stimulation on the head of your penis and just below, which feels awesome.

The deep thrust can be extremely pleasurable for the both of you. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being fully inside your woman and hearing her moan with pleasure. Deep thrusting can allow you to aim for her G-spot and it can also allow you to position your pelvic bone on her clitoris or the area around her clitoris allowing her to rub up against you to trigger a clitoral orgasm. I explain a technique called the CAT here that works great for giving her a clitoral orgasm during penetration. One thing to note about deep thrusting is that if your woman’s vagina is particularly shallow or your penis is particularly long, it could be uncomfortable to go too deep too fast, so just keep that in mind.

Ultimately you’ll want to experiment with both deep and shallow thrusts with varying speeds. Not only will varying your thrusting style give her an incredible experience, but it can also help you last longer during sex. For example, one of my favorite moves is to give my woman five or so deep thrusts and then, on the sixth one, thrust deep and just leave my penis deep inside of her vagina for about a second or so, and if your woman is doing Kegel exercises, she can squeeze your penis with her vagina at the same time. Believe me this feels amazing and allows you to make sure you don’t overstimulate yourself too quickly. If you wanna learn all my tips for lasting longer during sex, check out my Extreme Stamina course here.

Like with any sexual techniques, the key is to keep an open line of communication with your partner and try lots of different thrusting styles, and in no time you’ll discover what drives her wild and gives you ultimate pleasure.

Learning How To Make A Woman Ejaculate

Learning how to make a woman squirtFor those looking to learn how to make a woman ejaculate, there are a few things that should always be kept in mind. This is a process that will require total relaxation, the right stimulation, and proper communication if you want to find yourself successful, and when making all the proper steps, this is something that is very achievable for most women. Female ejaculation has been something of a mystery to both the average man or woman, as well as medical science, but this is a mystery that has been slowly unraveling for a number of years. Due to recent studies, it is now believed that the ejaculation is caused by the Skene’s glands located inside of the vagina in close proximity to the urethra, and the Skene’s glands can be stimulated to produce ejaculation with the right G spot stimulation.

Preparing The Scene

When learning how to make a woman ejaculate, there are some preparations that a partner should take. First and foremost, make sure that your fingernails are recently trimmed, and left with no sharp edges, as this can lead to a great deal of discomfort during the stimulation process. Next, you’ll want to make sure the woman is completely relaxed as this is the only way she’ll be able to guide her body to the type of orgasm which leads to female ejaculation.

Female ejaculation can be thought of as 1 part physical stimulation and 2 parts mental stimulation, and the only way she will be able to release enough to achieve this type of orgasm is if her mind is completely open and at ease. When it comes to how to make a woman ejaculate, it’s always best to focus on the mental aspect first.

Getting Down To Business

With learning how to make a woman ejaculate, once the mental relaxation is complete, you’ll then need to know what to do physically in order to ensure a more successful experience. First, make sure to start out with plenty of foreplay, as this will make the ejaculation process easier for both of you. When a woman becomes aroused, her G spot will swell and take on a very distinct feel inside of the vagina, and this can make learning how to make a woman ejaculate much easier. G spot stimulation is key to female ejaculation, so properly arousing her can make this type of stimulation much simpler to undertake.

Next, make sure to listen to her verbal cues as well as her non-verbal cues, and encourage her to talk you through what feels best. For the woman, she may feel as though she has the urge to urinate right before ejaculation, but she should rest assured that this is a very natural and common part of this type of climax.

Figuring out how to make a woman ejaculate should be a process that both partners really enjoy, and with the proper communication and stimulation, it is one journey that is often met with much success!

Click Here To Watch a live video demonstration of how to make your woman squirt.

Is Blue Balls a Real Medical Condition?

blueballsIf you’ve experienced the pain known as blue balls, I’m sure you would agree it’s no fun.

Its official name is epididymal hypertension… at least that’s how a doctor would refer to it, so yes it is a real medical condition.

Basically, what happens is that when you get turned on, blood flows to your genitals causing them to enlarge.

Normally what’s suppose to happen is you ejaculate, causing the blood to leave the area immediately, and everything goes back to its original size and you go on happily with your day.

But the problem happens when you’ve been standing “at attention” for a long period of time and you don’t climax.

This causes extra blood to remain in your balls, putting pressure on them and causing the pain that we all know as blue balls.

While blue balls is not a serious medical condition it can be painful. Fortunately for us guys blue balls is pretty simple to get rid of. All you have to do is ejaculate.

So you may be wondering why I’m telling you all this… LOL

Well the thing is, women can actually get blue balls too.

Of course their balls are metaphorical, but a similar thing can happen to them.

If your woman doesn’t have an orgasm after arousal, the extra blood in her genitals can lead to what’s called vasocongestion, which causes an ache in the pelvic region and lower abdomen.

Yet another reason why it’s super-important to make sure you’re pleasing your woman with multiple orgasms.

One of the best ways to give your woman an orgasm is through G Spot stimulation.

The problem is so few men know how to properly stimulate the G Spot.

Lucky for you I have a video that I’ve made that shows you exactly how to stimulate your woman’s G Spot to give her that mind melting orgasm she craves.

To watch this video simply head over to my website, OrgasmArts.com

Oh and one more little tidbit of info about blue balls. The term “blue balls” was coined by an American doctor in 1916 referring to the blue tint that can appear when blood enters your ball sack.

Now you know…

And don’t forget to watch my G Spot stimulation video at OrgasmArts.com

Foria – The Cannabis Lube For Vaginas

Foria-cannabis lubeIt’s no secret that the legalization of cannabis here in the US is making huge headway.

In lots of states it’s legal for medical use, and in Washington, Alaska, and Colorado it’s already legal for recreational use.

IMHO, as time goes on, I think it’ll become legal nationwide, and heck… who knows… maybe even the world someday.

So I suppose it was only a matter of time until cannabis products designed specifically for use in the bedroom started hitting the market.

In fact, I just became aware of a cannabis vagina spray (yes, you read that right) called Foria that’s meant to be used as a “pre-lube” before you have sex.

According to the company that made it, it’s designed to enhance female pleasure.

If you’ve ever indulged in a toke or two before getting it on, I’m sure you can imagine the enhancements that they’re talking about.

According to their website, it’s made with all-natural coconut oil and purified, lab-tested cannabis oil from California-grown marijuana.

Studies have shown cannabis to be a great de-stresser.

And with stress being one of the No. 1 biggest killers of female orgasms, it could help in that regard. Not sure that it would help that much more than just smoking a joint beforehand, but hey, you never know.

Of course, to get your hands on it, you need to live in an area where cannabis is legal.

As of right now it appears it’s only being sold in California and Colorado.

Foria is currently available in a 10ml spray bottle that is supposed to be 10 servings for $44 and a 30ml spray bottle of 30 servings for $88.

There is a great article on Cosmo about a woman who tried it…

It’s certainly worth a read.

I’m not necessarily endorsing Foria, but if you decide to give it a try with your woman, let me know how it goes.

Of course, spray or not, the heavy lifting of getting your woman off is going to be done with your technique, not some magical vagina spray.

And for the techniques, I’ve got you covered.

Talk soon,
Jason Julius

watch now squirt

Where Is The G Spot

To have a fulfilling love life it’s important every man and woman understand where the G Spot is located. Hi, I’m Jason Julius from OrgasmArts.com and I’m going to tell you exactly where the G Spot is.

The female G Spot is located 1 to 2 inches inside the vagina along the front wall. For example if you have a woman lying on her back you would insert your index finger with your palm facing up inside the vagina about to the second knuckle and press up on the front wall.

The G Spot will have a texture that is slightly wrinkled or ridged. Very similar to the roof of your mouth.

Now when a woman is not aroused the G Spot will be a bit harder to find because it will be flat so before you go trying to find it make sure you have already engaged in plenty of foreplay and your woman is rearing to go.

Once you’ve located the G Spot it’s time to start stimulation. I recommend using a come here motion with your index finger. This will drive her wild. As you continue stimulation you’ll notice the G Spot swelling more and more. This is a good thing. Keep going at it until you feel her vaginal walls begin to pulse on your finger. This means she just had a G Spot orgasm.

The differences between porn sex and real sex (explained with food)

Ever wondered what the differences are between porn and real life? (explained with

Well, wonder no more.

This video was made just for fun, and you should never compare your love life to a porn video, but it does quote some interesting stats…

Like the fact that most men in real life blow their load within 3 minutes of penetration (not good).

Fortunately, if you find yourself in this group of men, there is something you can do
about it.

Some of the more startling stats are that 71% of women don’t orgasm from penetration alone (also not good).

And only 6% of women “naturally” squirt…

It’s sad. Those numbers relating to female orgasms could be way higher if we as a
society were more educated about our own sexuality.

The truth is all sexually healthy women are fully capable of amazing orgasms (with
squirting) before and during penetration.