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From the desk of Jason “The Squirt King” Julius:

I’ve been on the fence about writing this letter to you…

In the wrong hands, it could spell disaster; it has the potential to wreck the hearts of women all around the world when not used properly.

So, to ease my own conscious please, only continue reading if you agree to the following:

  • You are in a committed relationship.
  • You will only use the technique you’re about to learn with a woman you love and truly care about and with whom you have a future.
  • You will not abuse the power of this technique in any way, shape, or form.

Okay, good…

Now I can continue.

I suppose the best way to help you understand the power of what I’m about to share with you is by telling you a short story about the time I truly realized what this technique was capable of...

Baby, Please Make Me Cum, I Need You To Make Me Cum. I Want To Squirt, I’m So Built Up.

My girlfriend at the time pleaded with me. Of course, normally, I’d be more than happy to help my girlfriend have the release of a full-body squirting orgasm.

There was just one problem…

This was all happening over the phone!

I wasn’t physically anywhere near her!

I had just moved to San Diego, and she was still living in Las Vegas.

Anyone who’s ever been in a long-distance relationship knows it’s not easy.

At this point in our relationship, which was about 5 months in, I had already taken her from only being able to orgasm during masturbation alone when we first met to now being able to have multiple full-body squirting orgasms each time we had sex.

To say she was satisfied with our sex life would be a serious understatement.

When you take a woman to this level of sexual bliss, she gets horny. I mean really horny.

Her orgasm turns into a deep primal craving, where she physically wants the release of the orgasm just the same way we guys need to ejaculate often.

So, what was I to do if I couldn’t be there to physically get her off like she was used to, like she needed me to?

Luckily, I Had A Plan…

Knowing that I was going to be moving and her needs would need to be met, I secretly installed my Orgasm Remote Control “trigger” in her subconscious mind a couple weeks beforehand, which would work to fire off orgasms without me physically needing to be there.

I told her, "Babe, I'm not going to see you for another week, so here's what I want you to do. Lie down on your bed, get comfortable, and I'm going to take care of you." At first, she was confused, but I told her to just trust me.

Neither of us had ever had phone sex before, but now that she was relaxed on her bed, I told her to start touching herself.

We went into a little bit of phone sex, but nothing too hard core.

I just knew that if I could get her a bit turned on and to start approaching an orgasmic state, I could push her over the edge with my Orgasm Remote Control technique.

The sexual talk was progressing as I said things that I would normally say if I were there stimulating her, like "Your pussy feels so good, I love how your pussy feels when I touch you." Doing this got her highly turned on as she rubbed herself.

She kept repeating how bad she wanted me. Finally, I told her, "I want you to come for me... I want you to come for me,” and then I used the “remote."

Suddenly, Boom, She Dropped The Phone, And All I Heard Was Her Scream As She Launched Into An Intense Squirting Orgasm And Soaked Her Bed...

It was probably 30 seconds to a minute before she got on the phone again because she was in such shock as to what had just happened.

The first thing she said to me was, "Oh my god, how did you do that? I just squirted all over my bed like we were having sex.

I can't even do that on my own when I masturbate."

That was a really rewarding experience for me because I couldn't be there physically for her, yet, because I installed the Orgasm Remote Control trigger, I was able to do unbelievable things like make her squirt over the phone without even touching her.

This allowed her to get all the way over the edge, so she could have that release.

And I was able to do this even more times when we went a long time without seeing each other and I also used it on her while we were together having sex to fire off multiple orgasms in a row and make her orgasm faster and more often.

That is the unparalleled power of the orgasm remote control technique...

Of course, you don’t have to be apart for the orgasm remote control technique to work...

It can even be used during sex to lessen the amount of time it takes for your woman to orgasm, fire off multiple orgasms in a row and make her orgasm on command!

I use it all the time for these purposes alone!

The Orgasm Remote Control Technique Works During Sex To Give Her Orgasms Quicker, More Often, And On Your Command...

During sex whenever I’d notice my girlfriend getting close to orgasm, but not quite there yet I would fire the remote control and BAM suddenly she would go into her orgasm VERY quickly, much faster than she normally would have.

And I would repeat this over, and over again… sometimes even making two orgasms happen at the same exact time!

Yes, that’s possible!

Without the remote control technique this would be impossible to do this otherwise.

Having this superman like sexual power is almost too much at times because you could keep giving her orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

The Orgasm Remote Control Technique Was Previously Only Available To My Advanced Mastermind Clients, But Today I’m Revealing It To Everyone For A Limited Time Only In This Special Report!

The Orgasm Remote Control special report includes my step by step instruction on how to setup and use the remote control technique to give your woman more orgasms, more often, with ease! She won't even know you're doing it!

It makes giving your woman an orgasm push button easy!

Here Are Some Of Things You Will Learn:

  • How to use the Orgasm Remote Control technique to fire off multiple orgasms in a row so she stays in a constant state of orgasmic bliss.
  • How to install an auditory orgasm remote control trigger so a special word or phrase will push her over the edge to orgasm. This is one that works great for orgasms over the phone.
  • How to install a kinesthetic (touch) orgasm remote control trigger so touching a certain part of her body or squeezing her hand gets her to climax. This one is great to use when having sex.
  • How to use certain smells as an additional power-up to her orgasm so when she does orgasm, it’s much more powerful.
  • You are going to get the exact step-by-step instructions on how to set up and execute my orgasm over-the-phone trigger using the Orgasm Remote Control technique.
  • My personal favorite auditory remote trigger, which works best for giving her squirting orgasms.
  • My go-to touch remote control trigger that I install immediately with any woman I date. This will allow you to quickly bring her to orgasm even during a quickie sex session.
  • And much more!

The same system I use...

Everything included in the “Orgasm Remote Control” report I use in my own sex life.

What you’re getting is the result of years of trial and error, so you can be confident that you’ll finally be able to give your woman the most intense orgasms ever.

I’ve used these same remote control techniques to give women thousands of orgasms over my lifetime and still every time I have sex.

These techniques cannot be found anywhere else.

Remember, The Orgasm Remote Control Technique Can Be Used Every Time You Have Sex—not Just When You’re Apart, Even Though It Has The Power To.


Having sex with your woman and right at the height of her pleasure you unleash the remote control and watch as it sends her into a series of orgasmic convulsions one after another...

Having the power to give your woman an orgasm anywhere, anytime, no matter if there is distance between you or not!

Getting countless on-demand blow jobs in return because she feels like she NEEDS to repay you for the pleasure you bring to her.

The look on your woman’s face after you’ve made her orgasm from whispering the 3 little words only you know will make her cum!

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