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Female Orgasm Insider Advanced Video Course

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The Female Orgasm Formula – My secret model I’ve used to troubleshoot and help thousands of people all over the planet overcome even the most difficult situations. It’s the most comprehensive breakdown of all the physical mechanics and mental emotions behind orgasms, making you extremely potent in the bedroom. (see a preview below)
Female Orgasm Formula

The True Secret To Becoming The Ultimate “Sex God” Lies Not ONLY In Physical Techniques But In A Combination Of Both Physical And Psychological Techniques.

I’m also going to give you 13 tools for getting her to an Arousal State quickly! Without knowing these 13 vital tools it’s going to be nearly impossible to give her a full body orgasm 100% of the time.
I’ll teach you a method for giving her Instant Orgasms On Command. This is going to be particularly helpful when you don’t have time for a long sex session or maybe you just want to have a little fun with her at the grocery store or when visiting the in-laws 😉
I’ll show you how to use “Anchoring” which is a Neuro Linguistic Programming technique to fire off multiple orgasms in a row! It’s like getting her in “Rapid Fire mode”… very fun.
You’ll learn about “Stacking orgasms” which is the art of building two orgasms up and making them happen at the same time! This technique is really going to blow her mind!
We’ll talk about how to give her orgasms over the phone without touching her! Works great for when one of you has to travel or she needs a little while at work.
I’ll demonstrate a “Guided meditation” technique that will put her in what I call “Orgasmic State” quickly! (Getting her to Orgasmic State is vital and this technique will make it happen almost instantly)
I’m going to teach you how to spark a deep level of raw animalistic attraction and desire in any woman! This works even despite anything physical like looks or age.
I’m going to give you the 15 characteristics of the type of man that all women WANT to surrender themselves to, as well as the 10 behaviors that turn women off, that many guys do without even knowing they’re doing it. When this happens she loses attraction, when she loses attraction she loses respect, and a woman will not surrender herself and let go to orgasm with a man she doesn’t respect. So I’m going to help you understand how the attraction and emotions she feels towards you dictate her ability to orgasm with you.
...Plus so much more!

Special Bonus: Orgasm Underground Interview Series

Orgasm Underground

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These interviews are raw, uncensored, and packed with the most underground sex secrets that you won’t hear anywhere else such as...

How to position yourself during intercourse to “stretch the opening of her vagina which makes your cock feel very wide” and at the same time hit her G-Spot
Discover how to use your own “turn on” to make her feel “turned on”. (Most guys who are concerned with HER pleasure get this backwards and fail miserably)
Learn about “Male Multiple Orgasms” and how YOU can orgasm multiple times without ejaculating. (Yes, it’s time to up your own pleasure… I was blown away by the description of how to achieve this.)
A “genius” technique discovered by a man with a small penis that makes any penis size feel huge when it’s inside her
Learn about “Afterplay” and techniques for doing it right… it’s as important to understand as Foreplay if you want to be an amazing lover.
Having a big cock vs little cock, advantages of each of them, and how to operate in the context of having either one
What to do just after sex so she doesn’t feel “emptiness”. Missing this concept can undo any good emotions she experienced during sex and turn every experience into “bad sex”
Learn how your emotional state can cause her to go into a state that is in “opposition” to her orgasm
Find out how to use a BOXING technique to have sex all day and night without ejaculating
Use the tricks of the “douche bag womanizer” type of guy to be great in bed without actually being that kind of guy
How to give her “permission” to let out her most “perverted and sickest desires”
Discover how to satisfy your need for “variety” in a long-term relationship allowing you to continuously revive your arousal for your woman. (Sadly, most guys never do this and end up losing attraction for their woman in the long term.)
Discover how to have sex in a state of “super high arousal” so when she feels your arousal it will actually make her cum faster!
...And so much more in these exclusive interviews with Sex Experts

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Semenax Works to Increase Semen Volume and Orgasm Intensity!

The only thing better than sex is amazing sex. But what if you could make amazing sex last even longer, with intense orgasms that are two or even three times longer than you’ve ever experienced?

What if you could increase your semen volume naturally, with huge loads of cum on demand, awesome volume and the reputation of a stud? When you finally release, it’s nothing short of euphoria with an intense, highly pleasurable orgasm that will leave you both gasping for more.

As for the look on your partner’s face, well, let’s just say it sums up what you’re thinking without speaking a word:

Let’s go again!

Semenax® has been formulated with key nutrients, including L-Arginine, Muira Pauma, and L-Lysine. They feed the male reproductive system and turbo-charge your natural production of semen.


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