Simple Exercise To Last Longer In Bed

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One skill any man should master is control over his ejaculation.

This gives you the ability to continue having sex until your woman is able to orgasm at least once, and the beauty of completely mastering the skill is when you can last long enough to give her multiple orgasms during sex.

Now, I came up with a triad of skills that can be easily mastered to gain full control of your ejaculation, but the most critical place to start is with the simple muscle exercise that strengthens the muscle that controls ejaculation.

If this muscle is weak, I don’t care what other things you try, how much you think about ridiculous non-sexual things like your boss or a telephone booth to avoid going over the ejaculation edge.

You literally won’t have control until you have control over this muscle.

Now, some guys are like, “What? I have to do work and exercise something?”

Yes, my friend, you do.

In fact, you’ve been doing the wrong kind of work by training yourself to ejaculate quickly when you masturbate and that’s why this muscle is so weak.

Fear not, though, in a second you’ll see how easy this is and that it can literally be done anywhere and soon it will be a habit.

Even better you’ll be able to have harder and firmer erections and more control over your erections with doing these exercises as well.

Plus you can make your penis pulse like it does when you ejaculate while you’re deep inside of her which will drive her wild.

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