yes-check2I want the complete Female Orgasm Blueprint system… and I’m ready to give my woman the most intense orgasms of her life. I understand the Female Orgasm Blueprint is backed by a full 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee, and that if I’m unhappy with it for any reason I can simply shoot you an email within 60 Days for a full refund, no questions asked. I also understand that in addition to the main Female Orgasm Blueprint video course I’m also receiving 5 bonus products at no additional cost.

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guarantee-sealMy guarantee is very simple, if you aren’t able to give your woman as many orgasms as you’d like, then I want you to ask me for a refund. I only ask that you go through the entire course, apply the techniques in your sex life, and revisit the material regularly for the first month. If you still don’t see massive results by then ask for a refund and I’ll process it within 24 hours.

- Jason Julius

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I used your squirting technique on a 44 year old woman who had never had an orgasm in her life. Once I got the rhythm and pressure right, she squirted inside 2 or 3 minutes. She literally couldn't believe it and started crying, not from sadness but from pure joy. Now she is texting me non stop that I am "amazing", "unbelievable", that I'm a "stud" and that I own her! She told me she is ruined and no other man can do what I do. Needless to say, no guy would get tired of hearing those things. I don't know how to thank you. Any man can do this for his woman. Its not hard at all.


- James

I tried one if your tricks and my wife of 12 years said it was like the first time she had cake!!!! I didn't think what you were saying was very true I mean I have finger banged my wife for years...I had to apologize to my wife for the lack good sex for the last 12 years.

- Andrew

Jason you have made me into a sex monster. Btw I'm a girl. My boyfriend bought the stuff and tried it out on me and I can't stop thinking about it.

- Stacy

Jason l am 59! On Saturday night met up with a woman and gave her a full massage then applied some G Spot techniques. Wow! All she could say for 15 minutes afterwards was "oh my god". Wish your stuff had been around when l was 18! Thanks

- Paul

The Blueprint Rocks! I was able to really use the mind guiding section. I think that maybe it is the key to it all. After implementing these exercises It didn't take long for the word to spread. All I have to say is wow. Thanks for the product! By the way...if anyone out there is looking at this and thinking whether or not to purchase it..My advice to you is to purchase it NOW! It will separate the men from the boys. You will always have the up on ALL other guys.

- Joseph

Hey Jason,

I have to tell you, the information you have provided is priceless. I have been successfully making my wife squirt for about 3 weeks now, and she cant get enough!!! There were some things you talked about that I related to her, and she had her doubts at first, but now she is a true believer. She didn't believe she could squirt with such force and establish she's doing it regularly! She was skeptical about the power of a full body orgasm, and the effects of how it makes a woman feel towards the man giving her such an intense experience. Now, my wife is a true believer in" the power of the squirt", and whole heartedly agrees with you that a woman can fall in love with a guy that can make her squirt! My wife and I are in an open marriage, and it is a new rule for me, that I cannot make another woman squirt. I took your advice of hydration before a session, and after and it is very important! Thanks again for all the continued advice and awesome tutorials.

- Tim

Wow, my boyfriend gave me today a full body orgasm squirt experience, I must say it took my body to another place. Never have I ever experience an orgasm like this, I had the shakes and I just could not stop squirting it lasted for at least 10 mins, I felt so drained and was not able to walk, my legs and feet were like jelly. My boyfriend said to me that it was the best we ever had, I totally agree. Cant wait for the next one.

- Paige

Recently I just got a new girlfriend and she told me how she's had like 10 boyfriends in the past. And she also dated like 3 girls. She told me she never had an orgasm before unless she got her self off. She hasn't dated anyone for 2 yrs until she met me. Well we've dating for a while and we finally made love for the first time. I made her orgasm 7 times from her G spot and once from her A spot. She was literally shaking in my arms as I held her. I just wanted to say thanks Jason for all the help and study you've done to help us guys.

- Steven

My boyfriend got your blueprint and I am speechless! We had the most amazing sex we have ever had EVER! Our relationship was going on the down side because he couldn't please me I subscribed to your emails and told him to check it out! Best thing that has ever happened to us. Before he could not make me climax...and for the first time last night he made me have a clitoral orgasm and made me squirt! AMAZING is all I can say! You are truly a life saver! Thank you so much Jason

- Alison