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What Exactly is a Female Squirting Orgasm?


Hey guys, Jason Julius here, and in this video here I wanna talk about what is a full-body female squirting orgasm. Well full-body squirting orgasm is the best orgasm you can ever give a women. But unfortunately, many, many women, the majority of women, over 80% of women have never experienced this full body ejaculatory orgasm, and it’s been my mission for the last 10 years to help people understand this, and I’ve had the great fortune of teaching over 50,000 men, women, and couples in various countries how to experience this orgasm.

So what does that mean, a full-body squirting orgasm, what is that, right? And why haven’t so many women experienced it? Well, typically women when they work…when they masturbate, rather, they stimulate their clitoris, right? The clitoris is probably one of the most sensitive part of the female anatomy. It’s the…it’s all the nerves of your penis just shrunken down to a small area, and when stimulated, she can have an amazing orgasm, right? But typically the thing about a clitoral orgasm is a woman can only have one and after that, it becomes very, you know, overly sensitive and it’s hard to have another one. But because women typically masturbate that way and experience orgasms that way because it is the most common way, they’re not used to having a vaginal orgasm which comes from stimulation to either the G-spot or the A-spot. And this is what gives us the really awesome opportunity to touch her in a way she’s never been touched before and gives us the opportunity to give her an orgasm maybe she’s never experienced before, and hopefully there’s a very different dialogue that you’ve typically heard in common culture where everything’s emphasized about like it’s just random fiction or big anatomy that actually makes a woman orgasm. That has nothing to do with it. If you actually give a woman a vaginal orgasm before sex begins, she’ll be 10 times more likely to orgasm from sex. And the best way to do that is to stimulate her directly in either her G-spot or A-spot using your finger, because your finger can bend and it can directly stimulate those areas. So the G-spot and the A-spot are instrumental in a woman experiencing a full-body ejaculatory-type orgasm.

So, as you stimulate the front wall of her vagina or her vaginal fornix which is the A-spot, you’re going to feel the inside of her vagina begin to swell up, and what that is is that’s the female prostate, the Skene’s gland, beginning to fill up with ejaculatory fluid, and it’s an amazing feeling and an amazing experience to watch your woman just, you know, squirm in absolute ecstasy as this feeling starts to build up and as she gets fully close to it and you continue to stimulate her, the front wall of her vagina will push your finger out or push your penis out if your penis is inside of her, and she just explodes and has this ejaculatory orgasm. Now I wanna be very clear here that when a woman has a squirting orgasm, the ejaculate comes out of her urethra, her pee hole, just like male, you know, ejaculatory fluid comes out the pee hole, not her vagina, right, it comes out of her pee hole, and it’s not pee, it’s actually ejaculatory fluid, very similar in chemistry to male ejaculatory fluid because it comes from the Skene’s gland, which is the female prostate. And so this amazing, amazing build up and release is one of the most amazing experiences a woman can have, it gets her very turned on, makes her absolutely love sex, makes her feel like you’re the best lover she’s ever had, and it’s been my mission to help people understand that so that they can connect on a way deeper level, have a deeper relationship.

And I hope you love the content in this video and I hope that helps you understand things a little bit more, and I hope you subscribe because I come out with videos like this weekly. Check out my other videos that are already in my YouTube as well, and, you know, hit the like button, but also check out jasonjulius.com because you’re gonna find a whole ton of information about, you know, giving women full-body orgasms and things like that. So thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.

Female Ejaculation | What to Expect

Transcript below:

All sexually healthy women are capable of full-body squirting orgasms, and they’re probably the best way to blow any woman’s mind in the bedroom. So, what should you expect when you first set out to give a woman a squirting orgasm? Hey, guys. Jason Julius here, and in this video let’s talk about what to expect when you first set out to give your woman a squirting orgasm. So, I’ll oftentimes get questions and comments from guys who have just learned maybe some new techniques, and they want to go apply this, or they have applied it, and sometimes their expectations as to what to expect with their loved one is a little bit off. So I want to talk to you about how you should approach this when you are first starting out giving any woman a full-body squirting orgasm.

Now, first of all, you know, you’re going to want to focus on, first and foremost, being very close with your partner, just having a great connection and not having super crazy expectations. And I promise you that will make it a lot easier for it to just happen. You certainly don’t want her to have any expectation that she has to squirt, otherwise she’s not going to be able to get it out of her head. And as you probably or hopefully already know, the mental side of things is the bigger part of getting her to orgasm in the first place. So if you tell her, “Hey, I’m gonna give you a squirting orgasm,” she’ll have all kinds of expectations for herself that is gonna not allow her to actually let go and actually have the orgasm. So that is going to work against you.

Now, when you set out, and you are actually going down there to maybe, say, use a G-spot or A-spot technique, and you go inside of her, your expectation at that point should be to just give her a vaginal orgasm, see what her body responds to. Is she very vaginally orgasmic? Or has she never had a vaginal orgasm before? These are things that you need to understand about her body first. And so you might spot with her G-spot, see if she responds to that. Go with her A-spot. Whichever one that she responds to the most as you, you know, continue to stimulate that area, again, your goal is to just give her a vaginal orgasm. And you’ll begin to feel the front wall of her vagina start to swell up. That’s the urethral sponge, the female prostate, and as it begins to swell, that’s the ejaculate fluid. And you’ll know that she’s getting close to having a vaginal orgasm.

Now, at the time that she has the vaginal orgasm, she needs to push out. And so oftentimes, women, which is understandable, will oftentimes clamp their PC muscle and not let the ejaculate come out which will kinda rob her of, you know, most of the orgasm. She won’t be able to have that release. She’ll hold back. It’ll still be a vaginal orgasm, but she won’t get that full release that comes with it, so you’re kind of up against, you know, her expectation of her own body. She doesn’t want to pee on the bed. She doesn’t understand oftentimes if she’s never ejaculated before that it’s okay to push it out.

And so what I’ll often do is I won’t have a conversation about squirting orgasms, but as I feel her getting close to having that ejaculation and having that vaginal orgasm, I’ll just say, “Push out.” Because she’s already so outside of her mind, she’s so into letting you take charge, take control, oftentimes, just the command, “Push out,” when you know she’s having a vaginal orgasm will get her to push out. And she’ll surprise herself and have the squirting orgasm. But if she’s never done that before, she may be resistant to that, so be okay with that. Because you’re at this point learning what her body loves, giving her a vaginal orgasm, which will already blow her mind, and then you can then introduce her to that idea that she can squirt once, you know, you have the conversation afterwards. And say, “Hey, you know, did you know that you were close to, you know, having a squirting orgasm, and if you just would’ve pushed out…” She’ll be like, “Really?” You know, and depending on her level of comfort with that, you know, then you might be able to help her with the idea of pushing out.

And so, what do you expect then when she does ejaculate? This is another question that comes up, because what you oftentimes she in pornography is not a great depiction of what a squirting orgasm looks like. Most of the time it’s not real. I’m not saying that there isn’t some real ejaculations, but a lot of times it’s just staged. One way that you can tell whether or not it is a real squirting orgasm is you can determine is it coming out of her urethra, which is her pee hole. That’s where female ejaculate comes from. That’s when she truly has an, you know, ejaculatory orgasm, and some porn-stars can. But oftentimes it’s more about creating a scene for men to masturbate to, so they will stage the ejaculation. So, all of the sudden fluid comes gushing out of the vagina, and that’s not what a squirting orgasm looks like. A powerful squirting orgasm could soak the wall behind me, but a typical squirting orgasm, at least starting out when you first give her one may just be a little dribble that comes out. And it may be because she almost kinda wasn’t even ready for it type of situation, or it might squirt out a little bit. This is something to build upon. This is something to expect when you’re starting out. Yes, eventually she may soak the bed, you know, or wherever you’re having sex at. She may be able to ejaculate a lot. She may be able to ejaculate often, but starting out, your expectation should be to give her that vaginal orgasm. See if she’s gonna let it out or not feel comfortable letting it out, and then build upon that.

I had a gentleman email me and say, you know, “I gave my girlfriend a vaginal orgasm. It was her first vaginal orgasm. She said she loved it, but just a little bit came out,” and he seemed almost disappointed by that. And I bring this up because this is sometimes what men will wonder, “Did I do it? Did I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish?” And I think that’s because us men are so goal-orientated that we overlook the whole concept is to become very close with her and, you know, direct her mind and body to the best level of pleasure that she could ever, ever hope for. Or many times women don’t even know they can have that orgasm, so you can absolutely blow her mind. But don’t ever discount the fact that you even got her close to a vaginal orgasm, and then if you gave her a vaginal orgasm, that’s even better. And if she squirted a little bit, and a little bit came out, that’s a great start. And then you build upon that because you’re going to know what her body responds to. You’re gonna help her understand that she can let go, and then you can even help her understand that as she strengthens her PC muscles, she’ll be able to even shoot harder and farther and have even stronger orgasms.

But, you know, you gotta take it one step at a time and not expect a woman to go from never having a squirting orgasm to just, you know, soaking the bed. I’ve seen it happen many times. I’m not saying it can’t happen, but that’s awesome when that happens. But it’s just as equally awesome when she has a great vaginal orgasm, and a little bit comes out. And if every time she has a squirting orgasm, it’s, you know, super-pleasurable, but only a little bit comes out, that is still a squirting orgasm. And that is still an incredible, incredible experience to give your partner. So, I hope that clarifies things up as far as what to expect when you’re first starting out giving any woman a squirting orgasm. Hey guys. Real quick before you go, if you like the content in this video, go ahead and hit the “Like” button below, and make sure and leave a comment and let me know what you think and ask any questions that you might have. And also, don’t forget to hit the “Subscribe” button, because I have some really cool content planned. I’m going to be coming out with videos weekly, and I don’t want you to miss a thing. So, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you in the next one.

Learning How To Make A Woman Ejaculate

Learning how to make a woman squirtFor those looking to learn how to make a woman ejaculate, there are a few things that should always be kept in mind. This is a process that will require total relaxation, the right stimulation, and proper communication if you want to find yourself successful, and when making all the proper steps, this is something that is very achievable for most women. Female ejaculation has been something of a mystery to both the average man or woman, as well as medical science, but this is a mystery that has been slowly unraveling for a number of years. Due to recent studies, it is now believed that the ejaculation is caused by the Skene’s glands located inside of the vagina in close proximity to the urethra, and the Skene’s glands can be stimulated to produce ejaculation with the right G spot stimulation.

Preparing The Scene

When learning how to make a woman ejaculate, there are some preparations that a partner should take. First and foremost, make sure that your fingernails are recently trimmed, and left with no sharp edges, as this can lead to a great deal of discomfort during the stimulation process. Next, you’ll want to make sure the woman is completely relaxed as this is the only way she’ll be able to guide her body to the type of orgasm which leads to female ejaculation.

Female ejaculation can be thought of as 1 part physical stimulation and 2 parts mental stimulation, and the only way she will be able to release enough to achieve this type of orgasm is if her mind is completely open and at ease. When it comes to how to make a woman ejaculate, it’s always best to focus on the mental aspect first.

Getting Down To Business

With learning how to make a woman ejaculate, once the mental relaxation is complete, you’ll then need to know what to do physically in order to ensure a more successful experience. First, make sure to start out with plenty of foreplay, as this will make the ejaculation process easier for both of you. When a woman becomes aroused, her G spot will swell and take on a very distinct feel inside of the vagina, and this can make learning how to make a woman ejaculate much easier. G spot stimulation is key to female ejaculation, so properly arousing her can make this type of stimulation much simpler to undertake.

Next, make sure to listen to her verbal cues as well as her non-verbal cues, and encourage her to talk you through what feels best. For the woman, she may feel as though she has the urge to urinate right before ejaculation, but she should rest assured that this is a very natural and common part of this type of climax.

Figuring out how to make a woman ejaculate should be a process that both partners really enjoy, and with the proper communication and stimulation, it is one journey that is often met with much success!

Click Here To Watch a live video demonstration of how to make your woman squirt.

How to Make a Woman Squirt | One Simple Technique for a Female Ejaculation Orgasm

Ah yes, the squirting orgasm, the Holy Grail of all female orgasms. Give your woman a female ejaculation orgasm and she’ll be sure to love you forever.

Hi, I’m Jason Julius from OrgasmArts.com, and in this post I’m going to teach you how to make a woman squirt using a very simple technique that you can try out tonight.

The easiest way to give your woman a squirting orgasm is through G-Spot stimulation. The G-Spot is located 1 to 2 inches inside your woman’s vagina along the front wall. It will have a wrinkled texture similar to that of a raisin.

At rest the G-Spot will be more or less flat and less pronounced; however, as a woman becomes aroused, the G-Spot will begin to balloon out and become easier to find. This is why lots of foreplay is highly recommended before you begin any kind of G-Spot stimulation.

Now that you’re familiar with the G-Spot, lets move on to the technique to make your woman squirt. A quick side note: always use plenty of lube before you begin G-Spot stimulation, even if you think she’s wet enough already. This will ensure she stays comfortable through the entire session.

With your woman lying on her back, insert your index finger insider her vagina to about the second knuckle and press up to her front wall.

Feel around for the slightly wrinkled or ridged area. This is her G-Spot.

Begin stroking this area with firm pressure, using a “come here” motion with your index finger. As you continue stimulation you will feel her G-Spot swell, and your woman will start to feel a sensation similar to needing to pee; this is a good sign and means she’s very close to squirting.

Instruct her to relax and simply “push it out” when she feels the sensation peak. The time it will take for her ejaculatory fluid to build up and for her to orgasm will vary from woman to woman, with 30 minutes of constant stimulation being on the higher end.

As she pushes out the female ejaculatory fluid, you will most likely get soaked along with your bedding.

It’s important to note that some women can experience a fluid release without feeling the orgasm. While this still feels good for the woman, it may not be the orgasmic experience she was hoping for. If this is the case for your woman, the solution is simply a matter of building up the orgasm more and having her hold back on pushing out the ejaculatory fluid, thus making the fluid release and orgasm happen at the same time.

If you’d like to learn more and see this technique in action, I have a free G-Spot demonstration video where I show you exactly how to stimulate a woman’s G-Spot to give her a squirting orgasm. To get this video, simply head over to OrgasmArts.com.

What Is A Squirting Orgasm?

Jason Julius, from OrgasmArts.com, back at it again today with another video to help you become a better lover.

In this video I’m going to be talking about the holy grail of female orgasms, otherwise known as the squirting orgasm.

A squirting orgasm is the most powerful orgasm you can ever give your woman.

The reason it’s called a squirting orgasm is because when a woman has one, she squirts fluid out of her urethra in a similar way to the way a man ejaculates out of his penis at the time of his orgasm.

The fluid that squirts out comes from the female prostate and is known as female ejaculate fluid.

The fluid contains glucose and even has a bit of a sweet taste.

During the squirting orgasm the woman will feel a huge rush of pleasure overtake her entire body. Some women will even shake and convulse in utter ecstasy.

A squirting orgasm most often occurs from direct stimulation to a woman’s G Spot using a very specific technique involving your fingers.

Female Squirting 101 – An Introduction To Female Ejaculation

Jason Julius, from OrgasmArts.com, here to talk to you today about female squirting.

Female squirting is also known as a female squirting orgasm, a female ejaculation orgasm, or a gushing orgasm.

A female squirting orgasm most often occurs from direct stimulation to a woman’s G Spot using a “come here” motion with one’s index finger, however it can also occur from other types of stimulation as well.

The time it takes for a woman to have a female squirting orgasm from G Spot stimulation can vary from woman to woman, with 30 minutes of stimulation being on the higher end.

When a woman has a squirting orgasm the fluid shoots out of her urethra in a similar way that a man will ejaculate semen out of his penis at the time of orgasm.

The fluid, that is known as female ejaculate fluid, comes from the Skene’s gland, otherwise known as the female prostate.

It even has a composition somewhat similar to the fluid generated in males by the male prostate gland.

Some women will expel a lot of fluid with great force, while others will just have a dribble.

When a woman is getting close to squirting she will experience a sensation similar to needing to empty her bladder, however it’s not the need to urinate she’s feeling. It’s actually the build up of female ejaculate fluid that she is experiencing.

At this point she needs to relax and “push it out”.

Once a woman learns how to ejaculate she can have multiple female ejaculation orgasms during one session.

I hope you enjoyed this video about female squirting.

Squirting Orgasm Exercise [Video]

Transcript of video:

I’ve received a few questions from guys on Facebook and through the newsletter who are having success giving their wives and girlfriends “normal” orgasms, but they haven’t gotten her to squirt yet and they want to know why. The email usually goes something like this…

“Great stuff Jason! I’m giving my wife tons of orgasms by using your techniques, but I haven’t quite gotten her to soak the bed yet. Am i doing something wrong?”

It’s a good question and since a few people have been asking it, I thought I’d just create this video and answer it for everyone.

As you should know by now, getting a woman to orgasm is a two part road of leading both her body and her mind. Without one or the other you’re not going to have much success. There are also a few right ways and a lot of wrong ways to go about this, and is something I cover fully in The Female Orgasm Blueprint.

If you’re unsure what the heck I’m talking about, go through the first couple modules of the Blueprint and it’ll all make sense. You can get access here

To keep the common thread of the questions I’m going to assume you can already give her “normal” orgasms and are looking how to get her to squirt. Which by the way is pretty normal, you gotta walk before you can run.

In some cases she’s probably just not comfortable yet with squirting and soaking the sheets. And she’s actually working harder on holding back the orgasm than she is at letting it happen. In these cases you just need to keep assuring her that it’s okay and to just “push it out.”

In other cases she’s wanting it to happen, but it’s just not and she doesn’t know why. The reason is because she likely has weak pelvic floor muscles or PC muscles.

When a woman has weak pelvic floor muscles it can be much harder for her to reach orgasm and when she does, it doesn’t feel as powerful as it could, and she’s certainly not going to be able to squirt.

To strengthen her pelvic floor muscles she needs to perform Kegel Exercises. Which is the act of contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor. These muscles are also responsible for stopping and starting the flow of urine.

First she needs to locate the muscles so she knows which ones to “work out”. The easiest way for her to locate her PC muscles is the next time she’s using the restroom instruct her to stop the flow of urine and have her take notice which muscles she’s “squeezed”(these are her PC Muscles).

Now that she knows which muscles to squeeze she can move on to doing the exercises. The great thing about Kegel exercises is she can do them anywhere and no one will ever know.

Have her squeeze her PC muscles as hard as she can, then hold for 3 – 5 seconds, then release and relax for 5 seconds and repeat.

I recommend starting out with doing 3 sets of 10 reps (squeeze, hold, release) with a 2 minute rest in between sets.

She’ll want to do this 3 to 4 times a day.

As her PC muscles get stronger and stronger she’ll notice her orgasm getting more and more powerful and she’ll be soaking the bed in no time 😉

I would encourage everyone to share this post with their partners because not only are Kegel exercises great for improving her orgasm, they are also great at preventing various other health problems.

Talk Soon,

P.S. I also wrote up a blog post talking specifically about Kegel exercises for

Using Threshold Consciousness To Make Her Squirt

Threshold ConsciousnessOne of the most common instances men run into when attempting to give their woman a full body squirting orgasm, is a sudden objection from her conscious mind. You know what I mean… You’re using techniques to explicitly send a flood of pleasure to your woman’s “sensitive spots”, and she loves how it feels. Then out of nowhere, she tells you to stop! There’s no fireworks, no sudden splash of ecstasy, no explosion of pleasure pulsing through her body causing her to shake uncontrollably. Nope, instead of giving into the intense sensation and letting go to orgasm, she abruptly interrupts her OWN chance to orgasm!

Why on earth would she deny her gift of primal pleasure? Well actually there could be a lot of reasons. Listen guys, when she gets to the edge, and is about to have a full body orgasm, the sensation can be overwhelming or down right scary in her mind. Especially if she’s never had a Vaginal Orgasm before. Her conscious mind might throw dozens of objections her way, and the notion of pushing forward or letting go could be scary in that moment.

The conscious mind doesn’t have a big role in such a primal act, however it will easily play the role as the Saboteur during sex if left unchecked. The conscious mind has been sorting out and solving problems all day long… Why not throw in some more worries when the pleasure party begins too? After all, that’s how we operate throughout 99% of the rest of our day to keep in control of our actions.

However, during sexual arousal the conscious mind needs to step aside. She needs to have a clear mind, and be absolutely present in order to become “out of control” and orgasm. That means no conscious objections telling her to pull back with nonsense thoughts of “What if I pee on him?” “Will I create a mess?” “Will he judge me?” “Am I being too naughty?” and the list could go on forever.

In our role as men, we can’t exactly jump inside her mind and control what she’s thinking. However, we can influence the “State” she goes into before and during our attempt to use friction on her sweet spots. This is where understanding the full picture of how her body and mind need to come together to orgasm is so important.

One way to illustrate this is using the concept of Threshold Consciousness. Threshold Consciousness is the mental state of someone who is moving towards sleep or wakefulness but has not yet completed the transition. In other words, it’s the state of dozing off to sleep, or just waking up. During this state the mind is completely relaxed, and there is very little conscious thought going on. This State is very similar to the state women go into when they have an orgasm.

What if you got her to this state and never really let her get out of it? You can then bypass her conscious objections all together and voila… Orgasm Magic! Her body will do what it naturally wants to do, which is let go and have a full body orgasm. She can leave the objections at the door, no matter what the cause. So what are some ways to do this?

Deep Massage Blended Into Stimulation: This is by far one of the easiest ways to do this. You’ve maybe heard me talk about using Massage to get her to Orgasmic State. That is because it allows her mind to become deeply relaxed. Some guys ask, “What if she starts to fall asleep?” My rely is: “GOOD!” When she starts to doze off from the massage, her mind is becoming quiet. Don’t let her fall completely asleep, but when she gets to the transition just before falling asleep, that’s the sweet spot. Now it’s time to turn Massage, into Arousal while keeping her body and mind in the same relaxed state. If you do it right, you’ll blend the massage into sexual escalation, then into vaginal stimulation in a fluid way as to not even give her mind the chance to start it’s typical chatter. If it ends with her body shaking, the bed wet, and her looking you in the eyes in amazement then you’ve done your job.

Wake Up Sex: Roll over in the morning and start by giving her a passionate wake up kiss. Assuming you’re not waking her up in the middle of the night, and she’s not late to get up for work, she should welcome the gesture. Transition that kiss into touching, and next into arousal. The basic idea here is to wake her up aroused and transition into stimulating her G Spot or A Spot before her conscious mind ever really gets the chance to start “thinking”. When she starts out in this “State” she’ll easily be able to orgasm. If you do it right she’ll go from “Wake Up Kiss” to “Oh my god, that was incredible, what did you do to me?” without knowing what hit her.

Try it out, and let me know what you think. Remember, the key is to help her get out of her own way so that she doesn’t have to “think” at all!

Talk Soon,
Jason Julius

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Reader Question: Squirting


I’ve made my lover squirt a couple of times thanks to your web site and it’s been great.  The only thing is it just kind of trickles out.  Is there any tips to helping her have a bigger one?

Should I stop and pull my fingers out when she is doing it instead of continuing to finger her or what?